More Than Video Memberships


Subscriptions with a recurring payment plan of your choice.

Video Purchases

Sell individual videos at any purchase price you choose.

Video Rentals

Rent videos for a rental price and rental time of your choice.

SSL WordPress Video Store

Your own SSL Certified WordPress video store website created in seconds.

WordPress Video Themes

VS Neflix Theme plus new video themes we create, available in your dashboard.

Automatic Updates

Themes and Plugins are automatically updated in your WordPress dashboard.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Video Memberships WordPress
Stripe and PayPal Memberships WordPress

Stripe & PayPal Ready!

Accept credit card payments using Stripe or let your customers checkout with PayPal.

3rd Party Video Hosting

Vimeo Video Player for WordPress
Vimeo Video Player for WordPress

WordFlix has the WP Videos plugin built in allowing you to easily add new videos to your website. Import your Vimeo videos directly into WordPress, copy and paste YouTube URLS or any 3rd party video player HTML embed code.